Mammoth Charms

Mammoth Souvenir Charms
Now your can collect charms or a souvenir ring as a memento of your trip to Mammoth Lakes, plus they make a great gift for any outdoor enthusiast. Each charm is 14k gold.

Diamond Snowflakes
The life of a snowflake begins high in the clouds where water vapor collects, freezes and begins to grow into ice crystals. The growth is slow but once the flake has matured, it falls effortless to earth, blanketing the landscape. Our unique creations are exquisite pieces that capture the beauty of the natural symmetry of a snowflake. Each pendant has a total of 31 hand-selected diamonds carefully mounted that shimmer gloriously, just like a real snowflake.

Pinecone Charms
Each cone is hand picked and carefully chosen for its strength and shape. Then we cast the cone in Solid 14k Gold. Since no mold is made of the cone, each one is an original just the way it came off the tree. Beautiful and delicate.