Custom Jewelry

For a special occasion, anniversary, or wedding day, a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry will express your everlasting love.

Creating your own jewelry is the perfect way to create one-of-a-king memento of your love. As big as our diamond jewelry selection is, we know it can't satisfy everyone's desires. We can help you custom-design and build your own ring or necklace to bring your vision to life. A complimentary consultation will start you on the road to creating your own unique piece of jewelry. You control every step through sketches, to the wax carving, to the choice of a diamond setting.

In addition, Sierra Jewelers has hundreds of unique gold and diamond jewelry we have created ourselves. If you are looking for that original creation that cannot be found anywhere else...come see us.

Design you now jewelry with your precious stones or ours. We have a large selection of diamonds, rubies, amethyst and can choose from loose or mounted gems. Your precious stones from an old piece can also be used to make a new design.

The process:
Step 1. First we will perform a designer consultation exploring your personal style and look you want.
Step 2. Create a detailed drawing of the design for your review. This can be done by us or we will work with a drawing that you have created.
Step 3. Preparation of a full size, three-dimensional wax model of your piece, which you may inspect for final adjustments.
Step 4. Upon your approval, we transform your dreams into magnificent reality.